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Foreign Trade

Import of livestock inputs

Foreign Trade

Import of meat


Delivering Tele Pizza Branches


Construction projects and setting up branches


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Data analysis

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Import of meat and livestock inputs


Foreign Trade Department of Hermes Food Industry Development Company, according to the statute of the company and the board of directors has imported protein products, fresh red meat (lamb carcass – fresh calf) from all over the world with the best quality and best price.
Imports of more than 500 tonnes of carcasses from Australia and 700 tonnes of new vacuum calves for the first time from Poland are among the company’s recent imports.



The very first two branches of telepizza, Started the operation in 1396 (Tir) with Marzdaran and shariati (pole Roumi) Branches. Now telepizza is operating with nine Branches in Sa’adat A’bad, Piroozi, Tehranpars, Niloufar, Vanak, Ekbatan, Pasdaran, Marzdaran, shariatic (Pole Roumi) and very Soon in Iran Mall.

Implementation of construction projects


Due to the valuable experience of the company in setting up 13 tele pizza branches in Iran, the company is ready to offer its clients in the field of construction and equipping.

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