Foreign Trade


Import of goods is one of the most important issues in international trade. Many companies provide part of their resources through import and international markets with the help of export-import trading companies. Below we will introduce you to the major activities and services of Hermes Food Industry Development Company.
Foreign Trade Department of Hermes Food Industry Development Company, according to the statute of the company and the board of directors has imported protein products, fresh red meat (lamb carcass – fresh calf) from all over the world with the best quality and best price. Recent imports include more than 500 tonnes of carcasses from Australia and 700 tonnes of newly vacuumed calves from Poland for the first time.
It is also worth noting that recently the import of livestock inputs from the countries of North Asia, Russia, South America and Europe has been activated. Corn, meal, soybeans and barley are among the items that we will be able to import depending on the market needs. A total of 20,000 maize in the north and 15,000 tonnes of barley and 30,000 tonnes of soybeans are among the company’s recent imports.


Business talks and correspondence


Strong negotiations aiming to earn more points are one of the most important elements of international trade. Hermes Food Industries Development Company, with a coherent and precise contract, guarantees its future interest in purchasing goods from abroad. This is fully possible with sufficient knowledge and expertise and international communications.
Usually, after the contract is concluded, the issuance stage is performed. In this regard, it also provides sufficient expertise and commitment to provide commercial services to import and export companies and esteemed traders.


Registration of import order

Upon receipt of the notice, Article 8 of the Import and Export Law shall take the necessary steps to obtain an import license or to register an order for goods. This is in fact the permission of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce to import goods.



Obtaining legal licenses to import goods


In addition to importing goods under the trademark registration, in some cases, other entities (such as the Ministry of Health, the Veterinary Organization, etc.) must also be licensed to import certain goods. Given the importance and sometimes complexity of obtaining import licenses, it is advisable for importing companies to take advantage of consulting sessions before paying any fees for these commercial services.



International shipping is by sea, road, rail, air and compound methods, depending on the type of goods, origin and destination, volume and weight of goods, shipping cost and speed of international shipping and the risks involved. Is coming.
Given the extensive backgrounds and activities in this field, it can work out the best available solutions.



Customs clearance