A passenger from Madrid

Tele Pizza is a Spanish brand that operates in chain restaurants in Spain, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Launched in the city of Madrid in 1987 by Leopoldo Fernandez Pogales, it has a factory in the city. This will make the pizza dough house and send it to all branches for use. Currently the company shares are listed on the European Stock Exchange. The Tele Pizza has 1700 branches operating in and out of Spain.



The Perspective of Tele Pizza in Iran


In the next five years, Tele Pizza will serve as a leading provider of fast food and chain restaurants in Iran, accounting for the largest market share of pizzas sold. The Deliever brand will also consider the best quality pizza at the best of times. The main focus of Pizza Traps will be on producing unique pizzas with a complete focus on quality.

Pizza Traps Values

We behave as a team

We are flexible

We consider the customer first of all

We are not afraid of change

We are dreamers


Differences from competitors

In the Tele Pizza , the dough is produced on a patented basis in the factory and delivered to the branches. Also, all raw materials based on the formulation approved by Tele Pizza  are concentrated and delivered to the branches. All branches will be periodically inspected and monitored by the quality control team and evaluated accordingly.

Tele Pizza branch in Iran


Marzdaran Branch

No. 96/1 – Next to Ariafar blvd – Marzdaran st – Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Shariati Branch

Next to Karamian Dead-End- Before pole roumi – Shariati st – Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

SaadatAbad Branch

Next to gheysari st ( 32nd gharbi )- Saddat Abaad st – Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Pirouzi Branch

Between Esharat and Farabi st – after Imam ali exit highway – Pirouzi St – Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Tehranpars Branch

Between 2nd & 3rd roundabout- Hojarebne oday St- Tehranpars- Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Ekbatan Branch

Bazarche no.5- Entrance of block B1 & A3 – Nafisi st –Ekbatan Complex- Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Niloufar Branch

No 4 – Eshghyar st – Khoramshar ave – Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

vanak Branch

No 1 – Kar o Tejarat st – pardis ave- vanak sq – Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Pasdaran Branch

Negarestan 6 – After Golnabi St. – Pasdaran St.
Phone:    +98217562

Ferdous Branch

No. 241, between Golestan and North Ramin St, East Ferdows St., Tehran
Phone:    +98217562

Iran Mal branch

Coming soon to Iran’s big market
Phone:    +98217562